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Visualize Git health checks in a pull request

Every team of developers eventually creates a set of practices to follow regarding the repository maintenance. This includes the commit message rules, branch naming, merge strategies, etc. Some of those practices can be configured as IDE settings, for instance, automatic removal of the trailing spaces. Others, such as rebasing vs. merging, rely on the discipline and the culture in the team.

Talk to Netlify REST API from Cake build script running on Azure Pipelines

I've been migrating this blog from OctoPress to Wyam the other day. In general, it's a pretty straight-forward process, but I faced with the situation when a combination of little things led to a strange behavior I had to fight with for almost a day. As usual, the devil is in the details, so here is a quick summary about what happened and what I ended up with.

Use cognitive services in VSTS custom branch policies

Imagine a situation when an international distributed team works on a project. People speak different languages and often tend to add comments or name things in their native language. What if we can configure a system which analyzes the pull request contents and prevents its completion unless it is in English? Fortunately, it is possible with Microsoft cognitive services API, Azure functions and custom branch policies in VSTS. Let's walk through the process.